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Ep 166
Why is it so important for manufacturers to adopt ERP solutions like QAD?

Traditional and outdated process management can impede business growth, efficiency, and profitability. Fortunately, QAD can help manufacturers scale and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced and often volatile industry! Experts Peter and Linda of QAD join MTDCNC’s Rowan and Giovanni in an exclusive podcast to explore the benefits of ERP solutions as well as the risks for companies who choose to stick to traditional management of their workshops. Backed by over 20 years of industry experience and purpose-built for manufacturing companies, QAD systemizes workflows, simplifies knowledge transfer, and gives you complete control of your business and supply chain through a single source of truth. Listen to the full podcast to understand how QAD’s team of consultants and specialists can help you implement a robust ERP solution for improved business forecasting through a partnership that focuses on continuous improvement. If you’re ready to leave behind the inefficiencies of spreadsheets and tribal knowledge, visit www.qad.com to learn more.

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