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Ep 177
What’s Behind the Success of the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show?

Join Gio from MTDCNC and Phil Valentine, the founder of Southern Manufacturing and Electronics, in a fascinating discussion about the evolution and significance of the UK’s largest manufacturing exhibition. Discover Phil’s journey from his initial sales and marketing roles to creating groundbreaking manufacturing shows across the UK. Learn about the pivotal moments in the show’s history, including its inception in 1993 and the challenges faced, such as unexpected snowstorms during the first event. Phil shares insights on the show’s exponential growth, the importance of face-to-face interactions in the industry, and the serendipity of exhibitions. Giovanni highlights the digital transformation in marketing these events and the importance of physical presence in understanding manufacturing innovations. The podcast also touches on the future of the show, with a focus on diversity, student involvement, and the broad spectrum of products and technologies on display. Tune in for an in-depth look at how Southern Manufacturing and Electronics continues to shape the future of UK manufacturing. Don’t forget to visit the show from 6th to 8th February 2024, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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