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Se 1 | Ep 188
Leader CNC Technologies’ brand-new cutting-edge facility and exclusive brands!

Leader CNC Technologies have a brand-new facility built from the ground up – and some seriously exciting times ahead!

We’re talking machines and technology you won’t normally see in anyone’s showroom, including some door-opening brands like FFG DMC, Takumi, and Milltronics! In today’s vodcast, MTDCNC’s Lyndsey Vickers is with James Leet of Leader CNC Technologies to learn more about their expansion into the market, their incredible service and support, and their upcoming customer-focused open house events.

Ready to learn about some other fantastic brands such as Maple, Gruppo Parpas, JTEKT, Shibaura Machine, Nomura, FAT HACO, and Fermat? Stay tuned for more MTDCNC vodcasts, sponsored by Langley Alloys – unique metals for demanding applications offering first class performance and an international service!

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