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Se 1 | Ep 169
Keeping the machine tool industry moving

Moving a machine tool or a complete factory from one location to another can be daunting and without risk. Fortunately, Flegg Projects are a trusted partner in the industry that can transport or install equipment safely, efficiently, and without damaging your precious investments! In this week’s MTD Podcast, Giovanni Albanese of MTDCNC interviews Sales Director and Board Member Mark Marshall of Flegg Projects for insight on their decades of specialist knowledge, investments in young people, and their aim to offer peace of mind for customers. There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to moving around machine tools that can cost as much as £1 million. If you’re responsible for moving a tool shop or factory, get in touch with Flegg Projects, specialist movers in projects, medical, and transport. Learn more in this exclusive podcast only on MTDCNC!

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