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Innovation never stops 

Where Innovation Never Stops! is the slogan that appears on the walls of the production facilities at ISCAR headquarters and has been synonymous with the company for several decades. The Covid-19 pandemic did not interrupt the innovation process, and between 2020-2021 ISCAR introduced the NEOLOGIQ marketing campaign comprised of advanced cutting tools and tooling solutions for modern metalworking. 

Significant changes in manufacturing, such as intensive digitising, the shift to electric drive in the automotive industry, and growing precise workpiece fabrication, have emerged with new demands for cutting tools. Notwithstanding, the accelerated pace of changes sharpens the demands and requires more ISCAR NEOLOGIQ products that answer to modern-age machining. 

The CHAM-IQ-DRILL family of assembled drills that mount exchangeable carbide heads, is now upgraded with new heads in the diameter range of 33 to 40mm. These heads can be mounted on any drill possessing the appropriate pocket size. The main feature of the new heads is a multifunctional cutting geometry, which enables effective drilling of various materials such as steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant special alloys, and titanium – assuring hole precision within IT10-IT9 accuracy grades. 

The ISCAR LOGIQ-3-CHAM is also based on the concept of exchangeable carbide heads with 3 flutes for improved productivity. This is now supplemented by new carbide heads for achieving a nearly flat bottom hole. Flat bottom holes are necessary for screw head sockets, spring seats, washer ports and more. The heads ensure drilling up to an 8XD ratio without a pre-hole. The new design facilitates generating holes with a nearly flat bottom by use of a single pass. The heads are mounted on existing LOGIQ-3-CHAM tools that significantly expand the application range of the family and reduce inventory costs.

So, how do you increase the drilling depth? Use a longer drill? 

The MODUDRILL family of modular drills with replaceable carbide heads carry indexable inserts and provide an alternative solution. Mounting an exchangeable extension holder on a drill body increases the drilling depth by an additional 200mm when machining holes in a diameter range of 33 to 40mm.

Key aspects in turning

A modular tool concept is the way to reach high versatility. NEOSWISS is a new tool system with quick-change heads that follows this concept. The system is suitable for turning, parting, grooving, and threading applications. By use of a high-clamping-force mechanism, the heads are mounted on a toolholder. The mechanism provides an accurate cutting-edge position each time and utilises high-position repeatability. The system intended mainly for Swiss-type machines enables the removal of heads and replacement inserts within the tight confines of CNC machining centres.

ISCAR has developed a new lever dual lock securing mechanism for improved clamping rigidity intended for ISO turning inserts. The new design, referred to as the 

The LOGIQ-F-GRIP features a new highly advanced tool family for parting solutions. The central component is a robust tool block that mounts on a 4-pocket adapter. There are cases when the rib, a reinforcement element of the block, interferes and prevents clamping the block on typical turret positions. NEOLOGIQ overcomes this problem by providing additional blocks with the rib placed on the alternative side of the block. The revolutionary LOGIQ-F-GRIP parting system was designed to achieve extra stability and vibration-resistant high-productivity parting and grooving operations. The highly engineered LOGIQFGRIP is an assembled tool block that comprises a durable holder and a high-stiffness quad blade with pockets for mounting inserts.

The NEODO S890 is a family of 90° indexable face mills for rough and semi-finishing operations. The mills mount durable square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges. NEODO S890 facilitates face and square shoulder milling while providing an additional option for milling close to shoulders where there are workpieces or work holding fixture constraints. ISCAR customers have requested additional corner radii and tool diameters, therefore, this tool family was expanded with additional pressed-to-size inserts with a 0.8 mm corner radius and cutters in diameters 32 and 25mm including endmill design configurations.

Upgrading toolholders

The ISCAR SPINJET family of coolant-driven high-speed compact spindles for small-diameter tools is intended to upgrade existing machines to high-speed performers. It is now supplemented with the Micro 90 intended for miniature rotating tools in milling, drilling, countersinking, thread milling, engraving, chamfering and deburring operations. Micro 90, made of a solid titanium shell and assembled from only six parts, enables rotating velocities that range from 35000 to 53000rpm while the main machine spindle remains idle.

The chuck thickness is a factor that limits the working space of a tool. This factor often causes an increase in the tool overhang to reach a machined surface. A novelty in X-STREAM, a family of thermal shrink toolholders, is a series of slim design chucks to eliminate such a restriction. The new chucks follow ISCAR’s coolant jet channel technology providing direct coolant supply to the tool cutting edge.

Changes in metalworking technology place new demands on cutting tools. To meet these demands, cutting tool manufacturers develop new products to ensure increased performance. The industries’ response to the products sprouts new requirements.

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