New G27 geometry from Walter expands the M5137 milling cutter range

With the Xtra·tec® XT M5137, Walter introduces a shoulder milling cutter that brings with it incredible benefits for machining ISO materials P and K. Firstly, users benefit from double-sided indexable inserts with six usable cutting edges. This provides an attractive price-to-cutting edge ratio. Secondly, the milling cutter has an approach angle of 90 degrees and is capable of ramping, circular interpolation milling and pocket milling.

This combination is something the market has not seen before now. Following on from the successful launch, Walter is now expanding its M5137 range to include the new G27 indexable insert geometry for universal use.

Whilst the G57 geometry that was previously available, primarily excelled in average to good conditions with low cutting forces and average feeds such as pre-machined workpieces, the sintered G27 now completes the Walter range. The geometry can be used for challenging jobs as well as unstable clamping arrangements, interrupted cuts or forged skin.

Both geometries are suitable for face milling, shoulder milling and pocket milling, as well as circular interpolation and ramping in steel and cast iron workpieces, and in stainless and difficult-to-cut materials. The Walter range now includes the cutter body with bore adaption and Weldon shank. It is also available in new inch-diameters from 1 to 4″. The high process reliability and cost-efficiency achieved through low cutting tool material costs and the wear-resistant Tiger·tec® grades make the milling cutter a particularly good choice for users producing mid-range quantities.

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