Zeiss Unveils Quality Innovation Days: A Global Online Event for Metrology Enthusiasts

Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions is set to launch its highly anticipated Zeiss Quality Innovation Days, an immersive online event happening from April 15-19, 2024. This groundbreaking event aims to unite metrology aficionados worldwide, offering tailored sessions designed to shed light on the evolving landscape of quality assurance.

Distinguished industry mavens will lead keynote sessions, delving into the forefront of measurement technology and software advancements. Participants can customize their experience by selecting from a diverse range of breakout sessions, enabling them to delve deeper into specific areas of interest and glean insights from fellow users.

The event’s interactive format allows attendees to engage directly with industry insiders and Zeiss experts, fostering meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing. Zeiss Quality Innovation Days promise to be a dynamic platform for attendees to expand their horizons, gain fresh perspectives, and connect with like-minded professionals from across the globe.

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