Upgrade Alert: Index Corp.’s CNC Universal Lathes Now with Enhanced Tool Capacity

Index Corp.’s CNC universal lathes, comprising the Index B400/B500 and Traub TNA400/TNA500 models, have received a significant upgrade, now boasting an impressive 18 tool locations to amplify machining versatility and efficiency.

These four universal lathes share core features, utilizing the same machine bed, cover, and inner cover, alongside identical slide systems. However, differences emerge in their control technology, with the Index B400/B500 employing Siemens’ Sinumerik 840D sl, while the Traub TNA400/TNA500 are equipped with the Traub TX8i-s V8 controller based on Mitsubishi controls.

Variances extend to the working spindles across machine sizes, with the 400 series models featuring an A8 main spindle and an A6 counter spindle, while the 500 series models utilize an A11 main spindle and an A8 counter spindle.

With a maximum turning length of 750 mm for the Index B400 and Traub TNA400, Index now offers extended versions for the B500 and TNA500, enabling a turning length of 1,200 mm. These long versions maintain consistent performance data while growing in length and weight.

Turret enhancements are also notable, with all universal lathes, including long versions, now equipped with the VDI40 radial turret featuring 18 toolholders. Customers have the option to select a VDI40 disk-type turret with up to 12 toolholders, ideal for utilizing large solid drills or boring bars due to its vertical force transmission design.

Original source from MMS

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