Unlocking the Power of Automation: Lessons from IMTS 2024

Since the early days of automation showcased at IMTS with robot hands moving parts, technology has undergone a remarkable evolution. Defining automation’s journey, Peter Eelman, chief experience officer for AMT, highlights the transition from reactive to proactive approaches, culminating in designing processes around predictive data before machining begins.

Today, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) allows operators to optimize part design for profitability, even transitioning between subtractive and additive manufacturing methods when feasible. As IMTS 2024 unfolds, automation permeates every exhibitor’s booth, reflecting its indispensable role in modern production.

Automation’s Definition and Imperative: While the scope of automation may vary, its significance remains universal. Whether in a small shop or a large-scale manufacturer, automation has shifted from a luxury to a necessity. Addressing the challenges of workforce scarcity, data integration, and profitability, businesses are compelled to embrace automation for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

Business Drivers for Automation: Tim Shinbara, chief strategy officer for BlueForge Alliance, underscores the imperative of automation amidst a shrinking workforce and escalating production demands. As shops seek ways to optimize processes, automation emerges as a solution to streamline operations, improve productivity, and empower existing talent.

Deciphering Automation for Your Business: From standalone machines to comprehensive digital tools, automation encompasses a spectrum of solutions to drive operational excellence. By leveraging AI and digital twins, businesses gain visibility into processes, control costs, and enhance workforce capabilities. However, successful automation adoption necessitates a thorough understanding of its implications and alignment with organizational objectives.

Lessons from Industry Leaders: Industry insights from companies like Incodema3D, HM Manufacturing, and MetalQuest Unlimited underscore the transformative impact of automation. By automating tasks, businesses can boost efficiency, relieve employees from repetitive duties, and position themselves for future success.

Embrace the Future at IMTS 2024: As IMTS 2024 showcases cutting-edge technology, it serves as a catalyst for innovation and growth. By exploring automation solutions and learning from industry peers, businesses can harness the full potential of automation to thrive in the evolving manufacturing landscape.

Experience the possibilities of automation firsthand at IMTS 2024. Register now and embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

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