Unleashing Shopfloor Automation: The Power of Renishaw Central Software

In any digitally-driven shopfloor setup, the linchpin lies in software that harnesses data from interconnected shopfloor devices. Renishaw Central, showcased in this image of a fully automated cell, epitomizes comprehensive process control through seamless data exchange among software, machine tools, robots, and gaging systems.

Developing the Renishaw Central system involved meticulous analysis of years of production data, leveraging Microsoft’s Power BI for insightful data visualization and customized reporting. Through this, the platform aggregates historical and real-time data from production equipment, empowering actionable insights.

The Intelligent Process Control (IPC) system, integrated within Renishaw Central, plays a pivotal role in maintaining process integrity. By continuously monitoring part measurements, it swiftly identifies deviations from nominal values, signaling the need for tool offsets to the CNC machine. This dynamic adjustment ensures precise machining outcomes.

Key components, such as closed-loop CNC machining and automated part transfer, work harmoniously under Renishaw Central’s supervision. Feedback from in-machine tool setting, spindle probes, and shop-floor gages is seamlessly integrated, facilitating proactive quality control and process optimization.

The Renishaw Equator shopfloor gage further enhances the Central platform’s capabilities, providing rapid dimensional feedback post-machining. This enables swift adjustments and ensures consistent quality across production runs.

Renishaw Central’s intuitive dashboards offer comprehensive insights into various facets of the manufacturing process, from tool setting to IPC configurations. This closed-loop approach instills confidence in automated settings, fostering a seamless and efficient manufacturing environment.

Original source from MMS

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