TL Aerotek Boosts Efficiency with Mitsubishi Electric’s LoadMate Plus™

TL Aerotek, a milling shop facing surging demand, successfully turned to Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s LoadMate Plus™ to meet their needs. Experiencing a significant influx of orders, TL Aerotek sought a solution to handle labor uncertainty and scale their business. They collaborated with their long-time milling machine supplier, Expand Machinery, which identified the potential for automating the material loading and unloading process for TL Aerotek’s existing Mitsubishi Electric M8 Series CNC machine.

Expand Machinery recommended Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s LoadMate Plus, a plug-and-play solution designed to simplify robotic applications. Ideal for stand-alone cells or larger systems, LoadMate Plus was configured for TL Aerotek’s 4×4 machine tending setup and equipped with an RV20 six-axis robot arm. Integration was seamless with a simple Ethernet connection to the CNC, enabling built-in compatibility.

Post-installation, the automated system operated unattended for 24 hours, tripling TL Aerotek’s production output. Owner Tai Le praised both companies for their support, performance, and reliability, stating, “Because my machines are supported by Expand and Mitsubishi Electric, I know that if I need help, I’ll have it.”

For more information, visit Mitsubishi Electric.

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