The Oscars…Of the additive manufacturing world.

In the bright lights of Los Angeles, where the stars shine both on and off the screen, something extraordinary is set to take centre stage: RAPID + TCT 2024. 

For the uninitiated, it’s the Oscars of the additive manufacturing world!

Imagine a place where the future isn’t just predicted—it’s printed. 

RAPID + TCT 2024 promises to be the ultimate playground for those who dream in 3D. From the latest advancements in additive manufacturing to groundbreaking technologies that can turn your machine shop into a productivity powerhouse, this exhibition is where ideas become tangible reality.  

Listen, I get it. Life’s busy. You’re juggling deadlines, dealing with suppliers, and trying to balance your day to day activities. But here’s the thing—this is your chance to witness the future of manufacturing. No more excuses about being too busy or waiting for the right moment. The right moment is now, and it comes with a 20% discount if you use code MTDCNC.

But what about those still sceptical about additive manufacturing’s impact on their bottom line? 

For the doubters, consider this: additive manufacturing isn’t just about making cool prototypes. It’s about increasing productivity and profits in ways you never thought possible. Need spare parts on demand? Done. Want to reduce material waste? Easy. Looking to customize products without breaking the bank? Piece of cake. Every machine shop that wants to thrive in the modern age needs to embrace these technologies. And where better to get the lowdown than at the RAPID + TCT 2024?

So, here’s the deal. Stop sitting on the fence. Fence-sitting is for the birds. This is your invitation to step into the future, to see, touch, and understand the innovations that will drive your business forward.

Remember, legends aren’t made by watching from the sidelines. They’re made by seizing opportunities. See you in L.A., and don’t forget that discount code—MTDCNC.

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