Techspex: Revolutionizing Machine Tool Research

Navigating the housing market can be challenging, but for manufacturers and shop owners, choosing a new machine tool is equally daunting and often just as costly. With numerous variables to consider, finding side-by-side comparisons of different makes and models can be a challenge. This is where excels.

Launched in the late 1990s, Techspex has grown to become the world’s largest machine tool database, featuring detailed information and specifications on nearly 8,000 machine tools, including milling, turning, grinding, and EDM machines from hundreds of builders and brands. Used by companies like Tesla, Rolls Royce, and Northrup Grumman, as well as individual garage shops, Techspex is a vital, free research tool.

As machine tool technology advances, the complexities involved in purchasing decisions increase. Techspex, a product of Gardner Business Media (publishers of Modern Machine Shop), has evolved to meet these challenges with recent updates enhancing its functionality and ease of use:

Key Updates:

Third-Party Authentication:

  • Simplified account creation through Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or Facebook logins, reducing the need to manage multiple credentials.

Updated Specifications:

  • Over 300 new machine tools added from leading builders, with ongoing surveys to ensure accurate, up-to-date company information.

New User Interface:

  • Enhanced specification filters and revamped layout for quick machine option comparisons. Users can request quotes or save searches as short URLs for easy sharing.

Simplified Request for Quote (RFQ):

  • Streamlined RFQ process requiring fewer details to connect users with the appropriate sales representatives.

Machine Tool Buying Guides:

  • Comprehensive guides for all machine types, providing key considerations for researching and purchasing a machine.

Additional upgrades include toggling between imperial and metric measurements and an updated catalog of videos from machine tool builders. Soon, there will be a direct link between the “Modern Equipment Review” section of Modern Machine Shop and Techspex, allowing users to easily compare new machines with existing models.

Techspex continues to be an indispensable resource for the machining industry, simplifying the complex process of machine tool research and purchasing.

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