TDG Clamping Solutions Surpasses Records: A Year of Growth and Expansion

TDG Clamping Solutions has capped off an outstanding 2023 with a record-breaking turnover of €6.3 million, surpassing all previous milestones and exceeding growth targets outlined in its strategic plan for 2022-2024. Building on the success of 2022, which saw the company shatter its order and turnover records, 2023 proved to be another remarkable year of achievement.

The exceptional figure attained in 2023 can be attributed to an outstanding order intake during 2022 and early 2023, initially projecting a pace that would surpass €7 million. However, a slowdown in key markets, particularly in Europe during the second half of the year, posed a challenge. Nonetheless, strong performance in American and Asian markets, notably in Taiwan and Korea, played a pivotal role in sustaining TDG’s exports and surpassing annual budget forecasts.

This growth was not limited to turnover alone; there was also a notable increase in the average size of chucks supplied, with heavy-duty chucks from the Heavy Duty and XL range, alongside VTL vertical chucks and support blocks, emerging as star products. Furthermore, the year saw a record number of chucks with multiplier spindles supplied.

Crucial to achieving these milestones were significant improvements in the production system, driven by an internal project in collaboration with Sisteplant. Continuous enhancements in areas such as planning, purchasing, and production, coupled with the implementation of the new Mazak Vortex-i 630V/6, were instrumental.

Recognition for TDG’s effort and success came in the form of an award from the Urdaibai Association of Companies, acknowledging its business development and contribution to employment in the region.

Looking ahead to 2024, TDG aims to consolidate its growth by setting a turnover target of €6.5 million. The company is keen on expanding its presence in key sectors such as wind, rail, and aeronautics, and furthering its international expansion into previously limited markets like North Africa, Turkey, and Canada.

Moreover, 2024 is poised to be a year of renewal, marked by the launch of a new and enhanced website, new catalogues and products, and participation in prestigious international trade fairs such as BIEHM, AMB Stuttgart, Mecspe Bologna, Maktek Istanbul, and MetalMadrid. This strategic approach not only solidifies TDG’s position in the market but also sets the stage for future expansion and growth.

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