TDG Clamping Solutions: A Legacy of Innovation Spanning Over a Century

Since its inception in 1916 as Guernica Workshops, now known as TDG Clamping Solutions, the company has marked its 108th anniversary as a global leader in designing and manufacturing clamping solutions for various industries. From its origins in producing meat grinders and military howitzers to becoming a benchmark in lathe chucks and oversized clamping solutions, TDG’s journey has been one of continuous evolution and adaptation.

Situated in its historic headquarters in Gernika, recognized as a Basque industrial heritage site, TDG has maintained a trajectory of innovation and international expansion. Pioneering exports to markets in France, South America, and North Africa, the company has expanded globally, with notable introductions like oil country chucks for the American market in the 1980s and automatic chucks in the early 2000s.

With a dedicated team of 46 employees, TDG specializes in custom solutions for demanding sectors such as wind, rail, oil & gas, aeronautics, and nuclear industries. Recent investments in technology and process improvements have enhanced its production capacity, enabling TDG to offer tailor-made turntables with lead times and prices comparable to standard products, a unique offering in the market.

TDG’s collaboration with technology centers in the Basque Country has led to the development of sensorized clamping solutions for Industry 4.0, demonstrating its commitment to quality, safety, and adaptability. As it celebrates over a century of success, TDG continues to set the standard for innovation and excellence in manufacturing, with a presence in over 60 countries.

With a vision for the future and a legacy of experience, TDG Clamping Solutions remains at the forefront of the advanced manufacturing industry. Meet TDG at BIEMH, Hall 1 Stand C21, to explore their latest solutions and products, showcasing their ongoing commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing in the sector.

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