SEYI and Dallas Industries Unite to Showcase Full Press Line at SEYI-America Showroom

SEYI and Dallas Industries, renowned suppliers of metal forming machinery, have joined forces to unveil a comprehensive press line at the SEYI-America showroom situated in Tullahoma, TN.

This dynamic press line highlights the SD2-330, a robust 330-ton direct-drive servo press boasting Beckhoff controls and a spacious bed tailored for diverse dies. Integrated seamlessly with a Dallas DRFM-4 servo feed and DPS straightener, the press line maximizes productivity during both setup and production phases. Its HMI touch interface and diagnostic screen streamline the feed line process, ensuring optimal performance.

John Heuring, Dallas Regional Manager, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Dallas is thrilled to contribute our feed line to the showroom. Offering a hands-on experience enables us to effectively showcase our equipment to potential users.”

Manufacturers are encouraged to visit the showroom to explore die trials or conduct full-scale production runs using the complete press line.

The SEYI & Dallas press line will be on display at the showroom until 2025.

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