Secure Your Workpieces with Dillon Manufacturing Inc.’s Pin Location Jaws

Dillon Manufacturing Inc. presents its specialized pin location jaws tailored to securely grip delicate parts without causing deformation. Engineered to cater to thin-walled components, tubing-type products, and other sensitive workpieces, these jaws ensure a firm yet gentle hold during machining operations.

Crafted with precision through CNC milling, Dillon’s full grip (pie) blank jaws and soft jaws are compatible with chuck sizes ranging from 4″ to 10″ diameters. Available in 1018 steel and 6061 aluminum, these jaws offer flexibility in height, ranging from 1″ to 4″ for full grip jaws and from 0.75″ to 5.00″ for soft jaws.

Whether it’s standard sizes or custom specifications, Dillon Manufacturing Inc. guarantees prompt delivery, with pin location jaws typically available within three days or less. These meticulously crafted jaws provide maximum accuracy in workpiece location, enabling air chucks to firmly secure even the most delicate workpieces.

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