Seamless Metrology Solutions: Verisurf and Hexagon Join Forces

Verisurf Software Inc. and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have forged a metrology solutions pact, marking a milestone in precision measurement. Under this agreement, Verisurf will provide comprehensive metrology solutions by integrating its model-based inspection and measurement software with Hexagon’s portable CMMs, backed by training and technical support.

This collaboration promises streamlined workflows and consistent process control, empowering users with automated, time-saving solutions. Verisurf’s commitment to intelligent model-based definition (MBD) ensures seamless measurement workflows within a CAD environment, maintaining digital continuity throughout.

Hexagon’s portable CMMs, renowned for precision and reliability, complement Verisurf’s software by offering a range of measurement options, including laser trackers, portable arms, and scanners. Verisurf’s modular software supports diverse 3D metrology applications, with a unified interface across all devices, enhancing process control across the product realization journey.

Ernie Husted, President, and CEO of Verisurf, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the synergy between Verisurf’s software and Hexagon’s technology. This integration provides users with not only cutting-edge measurement capabilities but also comprehensive training, software updates, and technical support, cementing Verisurf and Hexagon as leaders in metrology solutions.

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