Revolutionizing Production Efficiency with Fixtureworks’ Compact Pneumatic Swing Clamps

Fixtureworks, a prominent supplier of workholding and fixturing technologies, has enhanced its lineup of clamps, modular fixturing, and setup accessories with the introduction of a powerful new series of compact pneumatic swing clamps. These clamps offer enhanced efficiency and automation in production, featuring a unique clamping mechanism.

The key highlight of these clamps lies in their compact size combined with high clamping force, enabling simultaneous controls and remote operations. Their compact design allows for multi-part clamping within confined spaces, leveraging a mechanical and pneumatic hybrid technology that delivers five times the clamping force of conventional pneumatic cylinders of similar size.

Operating with arm lengths ranging from 30 to 55 mm, these clamps move in a 90° arc and utilize a wedge-style locking mechanism for superior holding capacity. The pneumatic functionality enhances efficiency through automation, significantly boosting productivity for repetitive clamping tasks across various fixturing and workholding applications.

Fixtureworks’ range of swing clamps includes four configurations: AMWSW-W, AMWSW-W-AC, AMWSW-W-AG, and AMWSW-W-D, each designed to cater to specific industrial needs with features like nickel plating and integrated clamping detection ports. The wedge piston mechanism delivers up to 0.65 kN of clamping force, accommodating various surface finishes with clamping heights up to 51 mm.

Beyond their technical prowess, Fixtureworks’ pneumatic swing clamps are praised for their ease of setup, requiring a straightforward process to ensure optimal performance. By combining precision engineering with user-friendly design, these clamps enable seamless integration into diverse manufacturing environments, supporting streamlined operations and enhanced production outcomes.

In addition to pneumatic swing clamps, Fixtureworks offers a comprehensive range of workholding components and fixturing accessories, reinforcing its commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing industries.

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