Revolutionizing Metrology: Zeiss Unveils Zeiss Inspect 3D Software with Advanced Features and Seamless Integration in the Zeiss Quality Suite

Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions introduces the groundbreaking Zeiss Inspect 3D metrology software, unveiling a plethora of new features for enhanced customer capabilities. Designed for the inspection and assessment of diverse 3D measurement data, including optical 3D data, volume data, and image moving data, Zeiss Inspect Optical 3D accelerates data acquisition and refines evaluation functions. The innovative Autosurfacing app seamlessly converts scan data into precise CAD models, streamlining the workflow.

Zeiss Inspect goes beyond optical inspection, incorporating computed tomography (CT)-based quality assessment. The Zeiss Inspect X-Ray introduces the Multiview function for simultaneous display and analysis of multiple workspaces, offering varied perspectives of the component. The introduction of the Region of Interest feature allows in-depth analysis of specific parts with distinct tolerances.

At the heart of the Zeiss Quality Suite, Zeiss Inspect serves as a comprehensive solution for mastering daily metrological challenges. The suite integrates various technologies and applications, supporting both optical and CT-based inspections. Metrologists can now benefit from an automated self-service in the Zeiss Quality Software Store for license subscriptions, initially available in Germany. This release also allows users to customize their software further by accessing various apps tailored for specific measurement tasks, with some offered free of charge.

The Zeiss Quality Suite ensures a seamless, cross-product workflow by combining Zeiss Inspect with Zeiss PiWeb, providing comprehensive statistics and reporting capabilities. This integrated platform acts as a holistic, digital control center for metrology, empowering users with enhanced efficiency and flexibility in their measurement processes.

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