Revolutionizing Metal Cutting: Iscar Launches “LOGIQUICK” Tools

Iscar is set to revolutionize metal cutting with its latest product line, “LOGIQUICK”. This new branding emphasizes three key principles: “Logic”, “IQ”, and “Quick”. Building on previous campaigns that highlighted intelligent cutting tools for advanced machining, “LOGIQUICK” aims to meet the demands of modern production with faster, smarter solutions.

New Challenges and Opportunities

The LOGIQUICK campaign focuses on enhancing productivity in metal cutting by improving metal removal rates (MRR). Fast and efficient material removal is essential for reducing machining time and costs. However, the cutting tool often remains the limiting factor. Iscar aims to address this by developing tools that offer high metal removal rates while maintaining qualities like repeatability, versatility, user-friendliness, and high utilization.

Groundbreaking Cutting Tools

The LOGIQUICK line introduces a variety of innovative tools, including:

  • Rotating Tools: The new SUMOCHAM concept features exchangeable drilling heads made from tungsten carbide, designed for optimal drilling performance under non-rigid conditions. The IHP-BP head offers exceptional material penetration and deformation resistance.
  • Modular SUMOCHAM Drill Head: Combining SUMOCHAM and MULTI-MASTER lines, this new drill head provides versatility and reduces tool inventory needs. It’s adaptable to various shanks, making it customizable and efficient.
  • QUICK-X-FLUTE: Extended flute indexable milling cutters designed for high metal removal rates. These cutters feature an optimized flute shape and high-pressure coolant supply, enhancing productivity and vibration resistance.
  • IC1017 Tungsten Carbide Grade: Designed for turning high-temperature superalloys, this new grade offers higher cutting speeds and improved productivity.
  • LOGIQ-6-TURN: A triangular insert with 6 cutting edges, providing a cost-effective solution for semi-finish and finish turning with high surface quality.
  • DO-GRIP Parting and Grooving Inserts: New double-sided inserts for narrow parting operations, particularly suited for Swiss-Type lathes, offering significant material savings.

Driving Innovation

Iscar’s LOGIQUICK campaign showcases the company’s commitment to advancing cutting tool technology. These new tools are designed to meet the increasing demand for quick, efficient metal removal, ensuring that manufacturers can maintain high productivity and profitability. For more information, contact Iscar South Africa at TEL: 011 997 2700 or visit

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