Revolutionizing Gear Grinding: Blue Moon™ TZ Precision Shaped Abrasive Grain

Elevating Gear Production Standards

Krebs & Riedel introduces Blue Moon™ TZ, a premium grinding wheel, reshaping large gear production. The precision-shaped abrasive grain offers unparalleled performance, transforming wind power gear manufacturing.

Wind Power’s Influence on Gear Production

Wind turbines evolve, demanding cost-effective production for complex gears. Blue Moon™ TZ, with diameters of 100 – 450 mm, meets wind power requirements effectively.

Critical Role of Precision in Gear Geometry

High-precision gear quality is paramount for optimal power transmission. Klingelnberg and Krebs & Riedel prioritize precision, reducing maintenance and production costs.

Blue Moon™ TZ: Precision-Shaped Abrasive Grain

Exceptional cutting performance, a self-sharpening edge, and a unique trapezoidal shape define Blue Moon™ TZ. The homogeneous pore structure enhances the cooling system, preventing heat-related damage.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction with Blue Moon™ TZ

Trials on Klingelnberg Höfler Rapid 2500 machines show Blue Moon™ TZ’s benefits – a cooler grind, longer tool life, and 20% faster grinding time. Reduced costs maintain or enhance gear quality.

Precision Profile Grinding with RAPID Series

Klingelnberg’s RAPID series offers absolute precision, speed, and flexibility for large workpieces. The machines handle up to 8,000 mm diameters, ensuring consistent quality and adaptability.

Premium Grinding Wheel for Unmatched Results

In large gear serial production, choose Blue Moon™ TZ for precision. Application support from Krebs & Riedel optimizes dressing and grinding processes, reducing production costs.

Discover the Future of Gear Grinding with Blue Moon™ TZ

Visit Krebs & Riedel for details.

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