Precision Redefined: Lyndex-Nikken’s SK Collet Chucks Revolutionize Machine Tool Performance

Lyndex-Nikken’s SK collet chucks represent a pinnacle in machine tool performance with their innovative design. Engineered to address common manufacturing challenges such as frequent collet chuck changes leading to increased downtime and poor surface finish on workpieces, these collet chucks prioritize accuracy and precision.

Utilizing a special heat treatment, grinding, and custom slotting process, Lyndex-Nikken achieves an impressive 5-micron run-out tolerance for its fractional and metric-size precision collets. The incorporation of a titanium nitride (TiN) bearing nut enhances rigidity, while a specialized gold ring minimizes collet damage, reduces micro vibration, and eliminates friction with the collet. This results in improved cutting rigidity and enhanced cut quality compared to traditional collet chucks.

The SK collet chuck’s taper angle is designed for increased gripping power, as the 8-degree collet seats deeper in the toolholder body, providing double the clamping force and precision when compared to traditional 16-degree collets. The narrow body of the SK collet chuck enables access to tight spaces and ensures better clearance, making it an ideal choice for machining complex parts.

Key benefits of the SK collet chuck include its narrow body design for accessing tight spots, versatile performance in milling, drilling, reaming, and rigid tapping applications, flexible sizing ranging from 0.028″ to 1″, 2X greater accuracy than ER collet chucks with 10X better repeatability, precise performance with 0.0002″ or less concentricity guaranteed with on-size collets, and double gripping power with an 8-degree collet taper.

For added versatility, SK collet chucks are available in taper plus, combining taper accuracy with flange rigidity. Moreover, through-coolant options with a high-pressure coolant collet system are available, ensuring higher accuracy and gripping torque for a wide range of machining applications. Lyndex-Nikken’s SK collet chucks stand as a testament to precision engineering, offering solutions that elevate machine tool performance to new heights.

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