Precision Machining for Trenchless Innovation: Inside Barbco Inc.’s Drill Head Production

Barbco Inc., based in East Canton, Ohio, specializes in manufacturing trenchless boring equipment, including large boring machines, guidance systems, and drill heads. These drill heads are engineered to bore holes through earth and rock without disrupting the surface above, crucial for utility installations under highways or railways. Achieving such precision demands cutting-edge machine tools and meticulous attention to detail.

Utilizing a combination of advanced machinery, Barbco crafts intricate components with exceptional accuracy. The company’s flagship Johnford DMC-4100PH double-column bridge mill handles both roughing and finishing tasks on large parts, while smaller components are produced on a Hurco VM20i vertical mill and a DMG MORI NLX 4000|750 lathe. These parts are meticulously welded together to form collapsible drill heads, where even the smallest features are critical to their functionality.

Key Components:

  1. The Central Pillar: Barbco meticulously machines the hexagonal central pillar to withstand the rigors of horizontal drilling, using precision techniques to ensure durability and torque resistance. While larger versions are machined on the Johnford DMC-4100PH, the smaller variant is crafted on the Hurco VM20i.
  2. Wing Cutter Bolt Holes: Critical for attaching the wing cutter, these bolt holes are meticulously drilled and tapped to ensure secure attachment and facilitate easy replacement. The wing cutter’s unique design enhances cutting diameter effectiveness, crucial for efficient drilling operations.
  3. Varied Cutter Configurations: Barbco employs multiple cutter configurations with distinct bit angles to ensure comprehensive drilling coverage. Each space on the drill head is marked for the specific cutter style, guaranteeing precise welding and assembly. Additionally, the central pillar accommodates either a pilot drill or a tri-cone cutter arrangement, further enhancing drilling versatility.

Barbco’s commitment to precision machining and innovative design is evident in every aspect of its drill head production process. To explore the cutting-edge machinery behind these exceptional components, delve into “Three-Axis Bridge Mill Opens New Doors for Construction OEM.”

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