Precision and Efficiency Unleashed: Vektek’s Innovative Use of Royal Products Power-Block Collet Fixtures in Hydraulic Component Manufacturing

Renowned for its hydraulic component engineering, particularly high-pressure hydraulic holding solutions, Vektek relies on precise and leak-free hydraulic clamps with exceptional surface finishes. To ensure efficiency in its own production processes and facilitate rapid machining and part changes, Vektek employs Royal Products Power-Block Collet Fixtures, strategically positioned at 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00.

In the Op20 stage for the swing clamp body, the Power-Block collet chuck securely clamps the cylinder’s OD, enabling Vektek to machine all milled features with precision. A crucial component in this operation is the quick-change locating part, referred to as “the spider,” equipped with spring-loaded clocking pins that facilitate precise orientation when loading the body into the collet chuck before clamping.

Moving to Op30, where the bottom side of the swing clamp body is machined, Vektek utilizes a hydraulic centering vise for secure holding. The orientation is critical, requiring sufficient tool clearance for an angled hole. The Power-Block jaws at each station are designed for easy interchangeability, accommodating different swing bodies seamlessly.

Vektek’s innovative pallet decoupler plays a pivotal role in maintaining clamp pressure. Featuring an internal pilot-operated check valve and accumulator, it ensures consistent clamping at each station. The operator connects hydraulic lines at this juncture and activates the Advanced Workholding Pump, enabling precise clamping at all stations. With three decouplers, the table can be rotated to each station, facilitating convenient access for the operator.

To streamline operations and reduce chip trap areas, hydraulic lines run beneath the plate, connecting to the corresponding check and vise. This thoughtful design enhances the overall efficiency of Vektek’s production processes, showcasing the company’s commitment to precision and repeatability in its hydraulic component manufacturing.

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