Passion-Driven Precision: TTI Machine’s Journey in Racing Parts Manufacturing

Tyler Thompson, Vice President of TTI Machine in Brooksville, Florida, believes in pursuing passion alongside profit. Operating in a 14,000-square-foot facility, TTI Machine specializes in small-batch parts production for industries like mining, marine, and aviation, with occasional forays into intriguing projects. Recently, the company ventured into sprint car racing part production, showcasing its commitment to diverse endeavors.

Origins and Expansion

Established in 1993, TTI Machine initially focused on manual machining for mining and power generation repairs. However, embracing CNC technology in 2018 marked a significant shift, enabling the company to broaden its horizons. With the addition of four-axis and five-axis CNC machines, TTI Machine enhanced its capabilities, delving into aerospace and defense projects while maintaining its expertise in manual machining for niche applications.

Unique Selling Proposition

TTI Machine’s niche capabilities, including ITAR certification and proficiency in handling large parts, have attracted attention on platforms like Xometry’s on-demand manufacturing marketplace. Its strategic location in Pennsylvania’s Neighborhood 91, alongside additive manufacturing pioneers, further amplifies its appeal to clients seeking specialized solutions. The company’s excellence in manufacturing has earned it prestigious awards, validating its commitment to quality and innovation.

Racing into New Territories

TTI Machine’s venture into sprint car racing parts production underscores its willingness to explore unconventional markets. Despite the slim margins associated with racing parts, Thompson’s passion for sprint car racing drives the company’s involvement in this segment. Innovative machining techniques, such as leveraging five-axis CNC machines and adopting specialized tooling like the Tung-AluMill 90 shoulder milling tool, have revolutionized part production, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Optimizing Operations

The adoption of advanced tooling solutions has significantly reduced cycle times and enhanced surface finishes, enabling TTI Machine to streamline its processes. With longer tool life and increased productivity, the company can now tackle complex projects with confidence, paving the way for future growth and expansion.

Looking Ahead

As TTI Machine continues its journey, Thompson envisions leveraging the Tung-AluMill across various machines and applications, further optimizing aluminum machining operations. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, the company remains committed to serving its clients while pursuing its passion for precision manufacturing.

In summary, TTI Machine’s success story exemplifies the synergy between passion-driven entrepreneurship and technological innovation in the realm of precision manufacturing.

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