ONA AV130 Wire-Cut EDM: Transforming Large-Scale Projects with Ease

ONA introduces the AV130 wire-cut EDM machine, designed for large-scale projects with a standard 10-ton load capacity, expandable to 25 tons. This modular machine offers high cutting speeds, saving up to 30% in time, and accommodates wire coils up to 45 kg, ensuring greater autonomy and minimal maintenance costs. The AV130’s versatility allows for more than 20 combinations, making it capable of handling the largest parts in the market with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

The AV130 is equipped with automatic threading for all wire types and a cutting capacity of up to 800 millimeters in height. This feature, combined with its robust and precise construction, positions the AV130 as a standout solution for demanding applications across various industries. The machine’s modular design ensures flexibility and customization, catering to specific production needs while maintaining superior performance.

For more detailed insights, visit ONA’s official page.

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