NTL Industries, manufacturing at it’s best

Greg McArthur initiated his machine shop in recent years, and in this feature, Tony delves into Greg’s journey and the company’s evolution since its inception. The narrative unfolds with insights into the diverse inventory of machines now at Greg’s disposal, including strategic investments in Mazak, Doosan, and Haas machines, highlighting their enduring precision. The story encapsulates not only Greg’s beginnings but also explores the features of these machines designed to expedite the process of removing parts efficiently.

Additionally, the feature provides a glimpse into NTL Industries Inc., a Michigan-based company with over two decades of expertise in CNC manufacturing. Specializing in CNC Milling, Turning, Plasma Cutting, and Assembly, NTL Industries focuses on sectors such as Aerospace, Automation, Government, Military, and Motor Sports Manufacturing. The company’s steadfast dedication to both its products and clientele solidifies its position as a valuable industry partner.

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