Nidec’s MV16BxII: High-Performance Machining Redefined for Efficiency and Precision

The compact double-column machining center from Nidec Machine Tool Corporation, the MV16BxII, is designed for high-performance machining. Equipped with a No. 50 main axis, it boasts a maximum rotating speed of 7,000min-1 and achieves a speed of 32 m/min for each axis (X, Y, and Z) to minimize non-cutting time. Built to handle heavy workpieces, the MV16BxII has a maximum loading mass of 8 tons.

Featuring three lines of linear guides on its X-axis, the MV16BxII exhibits a high-rigidity structure that minimizes deflection, ensuring stable machining even at high speeds. The machine utilizes all-axis ball-screw and axis-center cooling technology for precise machining, while its double-anchor mechanism guarantees both high-speed movements and rigidity. These features empower the MV16BxII to deliver exceptional deep-cut performance, accuracy, and high productivity across various processing stages.

To enhance sustainability, the MV16BxII adopts electric power units to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, it utilizes a grease lubricant agent for its main and feeding axes, minimizing running costs associated with air, lubricant agents, and reducing workload during component replacements. With its advanced features, the MV16BxII stands out as a reliable solution for efficient and cost-effective machining operations.

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