Nidec Arisa Set to Showcase Advanced Manufacturing Solutions at BIEMH 2024

Nidec Arisa is gearing up to make a significant impact at the Biennial International Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) in Bilbao. The event presents a prime opportunity for Arisa to highlight its leading position in the comprehensive production systems market, showcasing its extensive experience and innovative solutions in the metal forming industry.

Dominating the Industry

Nidec Press & Automation (NP&A) has cemented its market dominance by integrating the products and expertise of esteemed brands like Arisa, SYS, Kyori, Minster, Vamco, CHS, and Automatic Feed. This synergy enables NP&A to offer manufacturers efficient, cost-effective, and timely solutions that enhance production and profitability.

Located in La Rioja, Spain, Nidec Arisa has been a reliable supplier to the automotive industry for over 80 years. Specializing in high-capacity (600-5,000T) servo and mechanical presses, Arisa designs customized and automated systems with unique material handling solutions, controls, and software.

Arisa’s Innovations at BIEMH

At BIEMH, Arisa plans to unveil its GS2 servo presses and GM2 mechanical presses. The GS2 presses, with capacities ranging from 3,150 to 8,000 kN, are renowned for their advanced servo technology, exceptional performance, and flexibility. Meanwhile, the GM2 presses, offering capacities between 4,000 and 8,000 kN, feature standard configurations that enable rapid market adaptation, reduced delivery times, and competitive pricing.

Additionally, Arisa will showcase a highly dynamic transfer system and a customized Global Production Control (GPC) system, which allows operators to manage the entire manufacturing process from a single panel.

High-Speed Capabilities of Nidec SYS and Nidec Kyori

The high-speed manufacturing prowess of Nidec SYS and Nidec Kyori will also be prominently featured at the exhibition. With a new manufacturing plant underway in Grafenau, Germany, SYS specializes in high-speed metal forming machinery and automation technology. Their products include servo-drives, automation machinery, and controls integrated with advanced production management and monitoring software.

SYS offers comprehensive reconditioning services for high-speed presses, upgrading them with the latest technologies and capabilities. In collaboration with Kyori, SYS has developed some of Europe’s fastest metal stamping systems. These innovations, along with Kyori’s advanced drives and controls, will be highlighted at BIEMH.


Nidec Arisa’s presence at BIEMH 2024 is set to underscore its leadership in the metal forming industry. With a strong lineup of advanced presses and high-speed manufacturing solutions, Arisa continues to drive innovation and efficiency, providing manufacturers with the tools they need to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

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