New Italian Leadership Takes Charge of European Cutting Tools Association

For the next four years, ECTA, the European Cutting Tools Association, will be under the leadership of Federico Costa, an Italian entrepreneur and the managing director of FEBAMETAL, headquartered in Grugliasco (Turin). FEBAMETAL is an associate member of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, specializing in the production and distribution of both standard and specialized tools. Costa, elected in November 2023, succeeds Marcus Horn from the German company Paul Horn GmbH.

Costa expressed, “European tool manufacturers face challenges due to international geopolitical uncertainty and new regulatory requirements from the European Union. ECTA’s focus for the next few years will be on providing insight and opportunities for dialogue to navigate this environment effectively. Our events and meetings will address the most pressing issues for European operators in this sector.”

“As ECTA president,” Costa added, “I aim to enhance the image of the European industry by proposing initiatives that strengthen its international presence. Following our participation in the upcoming World Conference on Cutting Tools in Osaka, ECTA, with UCIMU’s support, will organize the ECTA Conference in Italy in 2025.”

Alfredo Mariotti, general manager of UCIMU SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, said, “We are proud that an Italian entrepreneur like Federico Costa, from our long-standing member FEBAMETAL, assumes the ECTA presidency. We trust Costa’s ability to understand market dynamics, reflecting the tradition of Italian manufacturers. We support ECTA and look forward to organizing the 2025 ECTA Conference in Italy.”

ECTA’s members, including UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, VDMA (Germany), AFM (Spain), SWISSMEM (Switzerland), and BHECT-MTA (Great Britain), are joined by Further Sutton Tools (the Netherlands), ATA Tools (Ireland), and Boehlerit (Austria).

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