Mazak’s VC-Ez 20X: Precision, Power, and Efficiency in Vertical Machining

Mazak’s VC-Ez 20X vertical machining center (VMC) offers precise and cost-effective processing for intricate parts through 3+2 or full five-axis machining. Equipped with a rotary/tilt trunnion table featuring roller gear cam technology, the VC-Ez 20X provides part-size flexibility with axis travels measuring 31.5″ in X, 20.08″ in Y, and 20.08″ in Z. Rapid traverse rates of 1,260 ipm on all three axes enhance efficiency. The machine accommodates workpieces up to 27.55″ in diameter, 23″ tall, and weighing up to 881 lbs. Operating within a compact footprint of 99.72 sq ft, the ergonomically designed VC-Ez 20X boasts a 25-hp 12,000-rpm CAT-40 spindle and a 30-tool-magazine automatic tool changer. Optional features include a 15,000-rpm, 29.5-hp spindle with 81.13 ft-lb of torque and a 50-tool-capacity tool changer. Mazak emphasizes user-friendly programming with the Mazatrol SmoothEz5 CNC, featuring a 15″ touch screen and full keyboard for seamless operation. The control system supports EIA/G-code and Mazatrol Conversational programming languages, providing a comprehensive range of programming options directly on the machine.

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