Materialise and Renishaw Join Forces for Enhanced Additive Manufacturing Efficiency

Materialise, a leading global figure in 3D printing software and services, has forged a strategic partnership with Renishaw, a renowned engineering technologies company, to boost efficiency and productivity for manufacturers leveraging Renishaw’s additive manufacturing (AM) systems. This collaboration equips Renishaw system users with Materialise’s cutting-edge build processor software customized for the RenAM 500 series of metal AM systems, along with access to Magics, Materialise’s premier data and build preparation software. This integration promises users of Renishaw’s AM systems a seamless workflow from design to 3D printed part, allowing them to customize their 3D printing process, reduce production time, and amplify the efficiency of their AM operations.

As manufacturing companies increasingly embrace additive manufacturing for industrial-scale metal part production, laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) emerges as a pivotal technology. LPBF empowers users to adjust print parameters for heightened productivity, yet navigating its complexities can be daunting for novices, necessitating additional training. Software solutions play a crucial role in unleashing the full potential of this technology by optimizing the 3D printing process and streamlining workflows.

Matt Parkes, AM Strategic Development Manager at Renishaw, remarked, “Collaborating with Materialise allows us to empower Renishaw users venturing into 3D printing across diverse manufacturing applications. Their next-generation build processors, alongside their software suite, complement our recent technological advancements. We are excited to collaborate on equipping the industry with the tools necessary to navigate metal 3D printing’s integral role in modern manufacturing.”

Build processors serve as the bridge between 3D printers and data preparation software, simplifying the additive manufacturing process from design to print. Materialise’s next-generation build processor seamlessly aligns with Renishaw’s latest TEMPUS™ technology, enhancing the efficiency of the RenAM 500 series of AM machines. This innovative scanning algorithm allows the laser to fire while the recoater moves, saving valuable time per build layer without compromising part quality. With potential time savings of up to 50%, Materialise’s build processor expedites data processing of complex geometries and high volumes of parts, enabling dedicated print parameters at the part level for enhanced productivity and optimized quality.

Karel Brans, Senior Director Partnerships at Materialise, highlighted the distinctive efficiency brought by this collaboration. “This partnership introduces a novel approach to efficient metal 3D printing. The synergy between Renishaw’s TEMPUS technology and Materialise’s high-speed data processing capabilities significantly slashes production time. Partnering with 3D printer manufacturers optimizes build preparation and streamlines production, facilitating manufacturing at all scales and levels of customization.”

In addition, the build processor for Renishaw AM systems seamlessly integrates with Materialise Magics, a technology-neutral data and build preparation software renowned for its compatibility with various import file formats and connectivity to major 3D printing technologies. Magics empowers users with advanced workflow control and automation, including the groundbreaking e-Stage for Metal+, which automates support structure generation using physics-based modeling for LPBF systems.

Furthermore, manufacturing companies can leverage the Materialise build processor software development kit to create custom intellectual property, tailored to their metal 3D printing application. This open software system enables the development of next-generation build processors, enhancing cost efficiency, production speed, and part quality. Customized build processors enable the manufacture of intricate parts and facilitate mass production of identical or personalized products with consistent quality, reduced scrap rates, and abbreviated lead times.

For further insights on Renishaw’s AM systems, visit Metal 3D printing.

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