Marposs Unveils Advanced Smart Factory Software Suite

Marposs introduces its new Smart Factory SW, a web-based, intuitive software suite with enhanced features, designed to provide data-driven insights and optimize factory operations. Building on over a decade of success with its predecessor, C-THRU4.0, this upgraded suite retains the trusted name but offers a completely revamped user experience.

The Smart Factory SW comprises five specialized modules, each aimed at improving a different aspect of factory management:

  1. C-Analyze: Optimizes machine operations, setup processes, and addresses quality issues, ensuring traceability and predictive maintenance.
  2. C-Tooling: Focuses on maximizing tool life, usage, and selection for efficient tooling management.
  3. C-OEE: Prioritizes and analyzes production loss causes, enhancing productivity and machine uptime.
  4. C-Energy: Monitors and optimizes energy consumption across all factory equipment, supporting compliance with ISO 50001:2018.
  5. C-Probe: Centralizes touch probe measurement readings and sets limits to verify machining results throughout the shop floor.

This suite is designed for technical personnel, offering a user-friendly graphical interface to identify and address process anomalies. By facilitating continuous optimization, the software helps boost factory efficiency across all module areas.

Additionally, the suite provides comprehensive insights into factory operations, verifies the effectiveness of improvement measures, and benchmarks performance against historical data or between different lines, machines, and shifts.

Original source MMI

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