Kennametal India Limited Inaugurates State-of-the-Art Metal Cutting Inserts Facility in Bengaluru

Kennametal India Limited (KIL), a subsidiary of Kennametal Inc. and a leading industrial technology company, has announced the opening of its new Metal Cutting inserts manufacturing facility at its Bengaluru, India campus. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Sanjay Chowbey, Vice President of Kennametal Inc. and President of the Metal Cutting Segment, and Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan, Managing Director of KIL.

This cutting-edge facility, part of Kennametal Inc.’s global modernization program, is poised to meet the escalating demand for Kennametal and WIDIA brand inserts from customers across India and beyond.

“Modernization at its core is about bringing value to our customers, and that’s exactly what we are doing with our new inserts facility in Bengaluru,” emphasized Chowbey. “Through expanded capacity, advanced equipment, and a highly skilled workforce, we will bring improved quality, product performance, innovation, and delivery to our customers, empowering them to build better every day.”

Customers globally rely on Kennametal and WIDIA brand inserts for top-tier performance and value across various industries. The new facility consolidates insert manufacturing operations, incorporating intelligent manufacturing systems for enhanced quality, consistency, and lead times. This move expands Kennametal’s capabilities to meet the growing demands from the Asia Pacific market.

“Our manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, spanning over 27 acres, has been pivotal to our growth in India for decades,” Venkatesan affirmed. “The new inserts facility deploys state-of-the-art equipment and lean processes to help us innovate and meet the needs of diverse and high-growth market segments in India, including transportation, aerospace, general engineering, and energy.”

In addition to inserts, the Bengaluru plant manufactures a range of Kennametal and WIDIA brand Metal Cutting solutions, reinforcing its commitment to delivering industry-leading tools and technologies. The facility’s unique capabilities cover end-to-end manufacturing, including milling, turning, hole-making, threading, and tooling systems. Moreover, it produces special-purpose machines, fixtures, and tooling solutions through the WIDMA brand.

“As we integrate best-in-class environmental, health, and safety practices, our new facility is designed for safe and sustainable operations from the planning stages,” Venkatesan concluded, emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing.

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