ITOH DENKI: Revolutionizing Intralogistics with Innovative Roller Technology

Established in 1946 as a specialist in fan and vacuum cleaner motors, ITOH DENKI made a groundbreaking leap in the industry with the invention of the Motorized Driven Roller (MDR). By integrating the motor and gearbox inside the roller tube, the company ventured into the intralogistics industry, offering end-to-end in-house production capabilities. The adoption of this roller technology by the United States Post Office marked a pivotal moment, and ITOH DENKI solidified its position as a major player with the introduction of brushless 24V technology to conveyor systems. Today, with 78 years of experience and a remarkable 50% global market share, ITOH DENKI stands as the preferred choice for the Intralogistics & Automation Industry.

At the heart of ITOH DENKI’s success lies its commitment to the Japanese “monozukui” culture, emphasizing continuous improvement and product excellence. The Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) technology embodies this philosophy, offering just enough torque to stop a roller with one’s hand while enabling independent operation of each conveyor section. This innovative approach eliminates the need to constantly power an entire conveyor line for a single part, leading to significant energy savings of up to 60%.

While the majority of sales cater to businesses handling small parts, ITOH DENKI’s offerings extend to larger applications, including automotive components and pallets weighing up to a ton. Beyond roller manufacturing, ITOH DENKI provides complete solutions for scalable sorters, featuring MDR-based divert modules that enhance agility and ergonomics.

The company’s latest innovations include the F-RAT-NX75 and M-RAT modules, designed for precise product transfer and sorting, even with heavier loads. The Multi-Angle Ball Sorter (MABS) boasts patented rotating ball transfer technology, offering flexibility and high throughput suitable for various conveyor systems. Additionally, the POP-UP diverter module and Slide Open Gate (SOG) provide seamless lateral transfers and maintenance access, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Experience the Future of Intralogistics with ITOH DENKI’s Cutting-Edge Solutions.

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