Is it that time of the year already??

As we draw to the end of 2022, it’s been a fantastic year for MTDCNC. This year has seen the introduction of several new technology reporters including Eric Hulen who is covering North America, Ana Fernandes in Mexico, Ashutosh in India and Mo in the Middle East. This highlights not just our growth, but our ambitions for supporting our clients globally with a local service.

The UK team has also expanded with the addition of Tom Skubula, who some will know from social media as ‘theukmachinist’. Our ambition to be the biggest news channel for manufacturing around the world is certainly being realised. The production of content has increased along with our audience. In the last 6 weeks alone, we’ve grown our social media followers across platforms by over 10,000. The MTD App is now being used by over 2000 individuals and this is a fantastic tool where users can see the latest deals on equipment, watch the latest videos, read news from all territories and watch live streams as and when they happen.

Commenting upon the growth at MTD, CEO Paul Jones says: “In the last two years, we’ve seen huge changes in the way companies want to market their products and raise awareness. Everyone is becoming more conscious of where to invest their marketing budget. That’s why at MTD we cover all the bases, our magazine is still the most popular here in the UK with a readership of over 15k and boasting unique content every other month. Our digital platforms attract millions from around the world and give the global manufacturing community a community hub. Our production team and equipment continue to be used to produce content for our channel but also to help our clients produce content for their channels.”

“In 2022, we’ve continued to grow this side of the business, supporting manufacturers and engineering companies that don’t want to employ inexperienced videographers. Our team are experienced on every level and can produce whatever content you choose or need, with or without our branding. It’s also worth mentioning that for productions made and hosted on MTD’s channels, our video crews from around the world collectively have over 250,000 followers on social media. So, content shared amongst our team gives a huge boost to any story or production that we create.”

Global partnerships are a common question now being asked, some businesses are working with us on multiple continents, selecting factory tours, events and case studies from different corners of the globe. This takes our business and audience to the next level.

In 2022, our most popular activities have been live streams, event filming, podcasts and customer stories. With factories worldwide now opening their doors again, we have been inundated with requests to visit and create content. In 2022, so much happened, FactoryNow a product for machine shops and manufacturers is now located on as well as our MTD App. This platform is for companies lacking online visibility and with a desire to win new business. The platform can promote customers’ services and with it being hosted across our social media outlets, it brings together a community of suppliers and manufacturers – not just in the UK, but globally too. We’ve also got some great new features on MTDCNC that are taking intelligence to the next level, but you’ll need to speak to our team to find out more about this service.

We’ve endured some growing pains in 2022 and this has seen a major restructuring of the business in May. We’ve spent the last few months building a team with more recruits to help steer our ship into 2023. The demand for our production services is increasing by the day,  our teams’ knowledge of products and services flourishes with every visit, and our audience can enjoy rich technical content from around the world.

I’m proud to head up this business working closely with my management team, we do have our challenges as every business does, but the most important aspect for me is having everyone on the team heading in the same direction. I am so pleased with the new introductions to our squad this year, some of the young guys do lead by example.

As we head towards 2023, if you need to change course, take a new direction for your business or just need more visibility for your products and services – you need to speak with MTD. MTDCNC’s audience of over one million people per month can help you deliver your message to the widest possible audience.

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