Integi Elevates Precision with New Stream-Finish Machine

Integi, a renowned knurling tool manufacturer, has recently integrated an innovative automatic stream-finish machine into its production line, marking a significant leap forward in enhancing the precision and quality of its products. Since the start of 2024, this cutting-edge technology has been in operation, greatly streamlining the knurling process.

The introduction of the new machine enables Integi to ensure a more exact and uniform geometry in each tooth of the knurls, a critical factor for their performance in practical applications. This heightened precision translates into a substantial enhancement in both functionality and aesthetics of the final tools.

Beyond improving tooth geometry, stream-finish technology facilitates consistent edge rounding, eliminating irregularities that could impact the functionality or appearance of parts. Moreover, the ability to control flank roughness more effectively is another significant benefit of this acquisition, resulting in smoother, higher-quality surfaces.

An outstanding feature of this equipment is its capability to target specific points of the parts, such as the bottom of the knurl teeth, enabling particularly intensive machining. This precise control enables material removal in the micron range, essential for continuous enhancement in final product quality.

This breakthrough not only underscores Integi’s dedication to quality and innovation but also establishes a new benchmark in knurling tool manufacturing, directly influencing the quality of the end parts. With this investment, Integi reaffirms its commitment to delivering the highest quality products to its customers and solidifies its position as a leader in the knurling tool market.

Integi continues its journey of continual evolution, prioritizing quality and ongoing improvement of its processes, further cementing its reputation in the advanced manufacturing sector. The company invites its customers and collaborators to explore these advancements further and to continue to rely on its excellence and technological leadership.

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