Hexagon and Dragos Forge Game-Changing OT Cybersecurity Alliance

Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Dragos, a global frontrunner in operational technology (OT) cybersecurity. This partnership aims to redefine OT cybersecurity standards in industrial sectors.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, industrial facilities face an escalating need for robust cybersecurity measures. In response to this pressing demand, Hexagon and Dragos have united forces to effectively address these challenges.

This technical alliance revolves around integrating Dragos Platform’s OT cybersecurity capabilities with Hexagon’s PAS Cyber Integrity®. This integration promises customers enhanced inventory data, comprehensive configuration management, and advanced intrusion detection and threat management. The collaboration leverages the combined strengths, industry insights, and innovation of both Dragos and Hexagon.

Nick Cappi, vice president of OT Cybersecurity at Hexagon, emphasized the significance of this partnership in shaping the future of OT cybersecurity. He stated, “Through technology integration, industrial facilities utilizing Hexagon and Dragos solutions will significantly bolster their security posture. We look forward to collaborating to address broader security challenges for our customers.

The partnership aims to tackle the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by owner-operators. Together, Hexagon and Dragos aspire to elevate safety, efficiency, and productivity standards, with a vision of transforming the cybersecurity landscape for industrial infrastructure and valuable assets.

Matt Cowell, Global VP of Business Development at Dragos, highlighted the value brought by this partnership to industrial and critical infrastructure organizations. He remarked, “Hexagon’s reputation for cutting-edge technology, prioritizing safety and security, combined with our collaboration, adds significant value. The integration between Dragos and Hexagon will harmonize our capabilities and strengths, delivering an integrated security approach across diverse operational environments.

Original source Hexagon

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