GF Machining Solutions Celebrates 70 Years of EDM Innovation and Future Advancements

Seventy years ago, the advent of electrical discharge machining (EDM) revolutionized manufacturing, thanks to the pioneering efforts of AGIE and Charmilles, now part of GF Machining Solutions. This milestone marks a significant era in manufacturing, showcasing the evolution of EDM into a precise tool for producing molds, dies, and complex geometric parts.

EDM’s journey has been marked by significant advancements driven by the interplay between EDM technology and electronics. Key developments, such as the integration of the planar transistor, integrated circuits, and the microprocessor, have continually enhanced EDM’s capabilities.

On the 70th anniversary of EDM, GF Machining Solutions reflects on its rich history and reaffirms its commitment to continuous innovation for its customers. The company’s notable achievements include the introduction of the first industrial die-sinking machine in 1954 and the pioneering of wire-cutting EDM machines three years later.

Today, EDM is essential in industries requiring precise, intricate shapes, such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. GF Machining Solutions leads this technology, focusing on improving energy and resource efficiency while integrating digital solutions to enhance productivity and precision in wire EDM machining.

Recent innovations by GF Machining Solutions include the release of Form eCAM, an EDM CAM software designed to support operators in their daily tasks. This software uses CAD geometry to outline the machining process and can accurately determine the volume for erosion. By generating a suitable set of technological parameters, Form eCAM helps prevent human errors and increases shop floor efficiency.

Another breakthrough is the control of current consumption through the Intelligent Power Generator (IPG). Developed and assembled in Switzerland, the IPG is featured in various GF Machining Solutions die-sinking and wire-cutting machines. This fully digital and resonant switching generator enhances performance while minimizing power consumption.

Since its founding in 1802, GF Machining Solutions has remained dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, enabling customers to manufacture products that enhance daily life. The company’s historic role in the invention and ongoing refinement of EDM technology positions it to tackle contemporary manufacturing challenges effectively.

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