From Warranty Wars to Shopfloor Success: The Renishaw Revolution

In the 1960s, the automotive industry waged a warranty battle, offering unprecedented coverage but facing costly consequences. Fast forward to today, where extended warranties are the norm, thanks to advancements in precision manufacturing.

Our cover story highlights the origin of Renishaw’s touch-trigger probe, born from Sir David McMurtry’s ingenuity at Rolls-Royce. This innovation sparked Renishaw’s journey, leading to groundbreaking developments like the RAMTIC system and the new Renishaw Central platform.

Renishaw’s relentless pursuit of process control, evident in its UK facilities, has revolutionized manufacturing. Renishaw Central, a data-driven platform, epitomizes this quest for excellence by leveraging connected shopfloor devices and real-time Intelligent Process Control (IPC).

As we navigate Renishaw’s evolution, it’s clear that their commitment to controlling variation has reshaped the industry. So, whether it’s a 10-year warranty or cutting-edge automation, Renishaw’s legacy continues to shape the future of manufacturing.

Original source from MMS

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