Fortinet Unveils Secure Networking Solution: Harnessing Wi-Fi 7 for Advanced Connectivity

Fortinet recently unveiled its Secure Networking Solution, leveraging Wi-Fi 7 technology to integrate a 10 Gigabit Power over Ethernet switch with an advanced Wi-Fi 7 access point.

As a global cybersecurity leader, Fortinet specializes in providing robust solutions to protect organizations against cyber threats. Their Security Fabric includes FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, FortiAP wireless access points, and FortiSwitch network switches.

The comprehensive secure wired and wireless suite introduces a groundbreaking innovation that doubles speeds and capacity. The FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024 blend networking technologies with AI-powered protection.

Addressing the demand for ARM-powered edge applications, Fortinet expanded compatibility of its edgeConnector products to include ARM 32-bit. This enhancement improves deployment flexibility for compact hardware.

Abel Jimenez, Fortinet’s Product Manager, highlights the importance of this innovation in expanding device compatibility with Fortinet’s edge solutions.

The FortiAP 441K utilizes the Wi-Fi 7 Qualcomm® Networking Pro 1220 Platform, delivering connection rates twice as fast with features like 4096 QAM data transfer and reduced latency.

The FortiSwitch T1024, a 10 GE access switch, seamlessly integrates with the FortiAP 441K to support the latest Wi-Fi 7 Access Points.

Fortinet’s Secure Networking solution, anchored by the Fortinet Security Fabric, converges networking devices with security measures, including FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls functioning as wireless controllers.

FortiAIOps, an artificial intelligence platform for IT operations, delivers real-time analytics and automates processes across WAN and LAN environments.

This innovation demonstrates Fortinet’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that adapt to future technological advancements.

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