Formlabs and Phillips Additive Unveil Cutting-Edge Form 4 3D Printer in Gurugram

Formlabs and Phillips Additive jointly showcased the new Form 4 3D printer on May 23, 2024, in Gurugram, drawing senior industry leaders and manufacturers eager to experience its capabilities. The event featured a panel discussion with notable experts from the manufacturing sector, including Amit Kapur, Arpan Ghosh, and Dr. Harish Kumar.

The Form 4 sets a new standard in additive manufacturing with Formlabs’ innovative Low Force Display™ (LFD) printer engine, an expanded materials library, automated post-processing, and a user-friendly interface. It boasts print speeds 2 to 5 times faster than its predecessor, ideal for rapid prototyping and batch production using mSLA technology. Offering up to 100 mm per hour vertical print speed, it ensures quick production turnaround and substantial cost savings with features like durable material tanks and efficient resin usage.

Designed to serve diverse industries such as Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace, the Form 4 enhances design iteration and production capacity while broadening material options. Phillips Additive, known for its comprehensive additive solutions, integrates the Form 4 to deliver advanced capabilities, reinforcing its commitment to innovation in manufacturing.

Anuj Budhiraja of Phillips Additive commented, “The Form 4 introduction marks a significant advancement in our additive technology offerings, promising transformative benefits across industries.”

Industry leaders praised the Form 4 for its speed, precision, and efficiency, foreseeing its impact on manufacturing excellence and technological advancement. The event underscored its role in shaping the future of additive manufacturing with expert insights and live demonstrations, showcasing its potential across various sectors.

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