Experience Cutting-Edge Metal Fabrication Machinery at Booth #8018

Visit booth #8018 to explore a comprehensive array of metal fabrication machinery from Scotchman Industries. Witness live demonstrations showcasing the remarkable features and benefits of these top-of-the-line products.

Featured in the demonstrations are Cold Saws like the CPO 350-PKPD, boasting semi-automatic operation and equipped with a Digital Quick Stop for effortless material length positioning. With its mitering capabilities of 135° and a 2-speed motor, this industrial-grade circular cold saw ensures precise cuts with ease.

Also on display is the Scotchman SUP-600 NF Upcut Miter Saw, specially designed for cutting non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper, PVC, and wood. With its large 24” carbide blade, this saw offers unparalleled cutting capacity for both round and rectangular cuts.

The spotlight also shines on the Scotchman Industries 6509-24M 65-Ton Ironworker, a powerhouse of a machine featuring a single operator with 4-station capability. With its impressive punching capacity and large tool table, this ironworker stands out as the most versatile and flexible in its class.

Equally impressive is the 50514-EC ironworker, equipped with a 50-ton punch station and a host of standard features, including angle shear, flat bar shear, and rectangle notcher. Its modular design allows for optional equipment integration, catering to a wide range of fabrication needs.

As the leading hydraulic Ironworker manufacturer in the USA, Scotchman also offers a full line of Circular Cold Saws, Heavy-Duty H-Frame Presses, Digital Measuring Systems, Band Saws, and Tube & Pipe Notchers/Grinders.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the cutting-edge technology of Scotchman machinery. Visit www.scotchman.com for more information.

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