Etxetar and Talens Revolutionize Auto Industry with Additive Manufacturing for Brake Discs

Spanish machine tool builder Etxetar, in collaboration with laser deposition specialist Talens, is spearheading a groundbreaking project with a major automotive manufacturer. The goal? Utilizing additive manufacturing to mass-produce next-generation automotive brake discs.

With impending environmental regulations in Europe targeting brake dust emissions, the solution lies in precise laser metal deposition. The innovative process involves applying a top layer of either tungsten or titanium carbide for unparalleled wear resistance.

During a visit to Etxetar in Elgoibar, Spain, I gained insight into this pioneering process. The technology, expected to feature titanium carbide for enhanced brake disc surfaces, promises to significantly reduce environmental impact while extending disc longevity.

The intricate process entails an initial layer of stainless steel followed by a thin outer coating of stainless steel and carbide, meticulously controlled for optimal performance. Etxetar’s test machine focuses on key factors like powder consistency, flowability, and software control, laying the groundwork for full-scale production machines slated for deployment by 2027.

Stay tuned as this transformative technology prepares to revolutionize consumer automobiles in the years to come.

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