Dynamic Tool Corp: Revolutionizing Precision Moldmaking with Cutting-Edge Technology

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1976 as Dynamic Tool & Design, Dynamic Tool Corp. of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, has cemented its reputation as a premier moldmaker. Specializing in high-productivity, tight-tolerance, thin-wall injection molding, the company serves the medical device, pharmaceutical packaging, caps/closures/dispensers, fluid control, electrical/electronics, and personal care industries. With a team of 85 skilled professionals, Dynamic produces around 80 new and refurbished injection molds annually, along with prototype and bridge tooling for presses ranging from 20 to 1,000 US tons.

Comprehensive Services

Dynamic Tool Corp. offers a full suite of services including molding feasibility studies, mold design and construction, preventative maintenance, refurbishment, repair, reverse engineering, and engineering changes for any tooling. The company also provides product sampling, process qualification for new and repaired molds, and limited-run injection molding with eight multishot-capable injection presses.

Expanding Capabilities

To support growing demand, Dynamic recently acquired a second facility, the Dynamic Development Center, which adds 120,000 square feet of space. This new facility will house a second metrology lab, additional presses, auxiliary equipment, and ample space for building and validating turnkey manufacturing cells. These cells can include injection presses, automation, custom-control units, fixtures, and downstream value-added operations, making Dynamic a one-stop shop for advanced manufacturing solutions.

Precision and Innovation

Dynamic is renowned for its ability to produce tight-tolerance molds and components, essential for high-volume operations in industries like medical device manufacturing. The company can consistently achieve tolerances of 5 microns (0.00020 inches) on hard-cutting and sinker EDMs, thanks to integrated coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and thorough inspection processes.

Upgrading for the Future

In 2021, Dynamic decided to expand its machining capabilities by adding new CNC machines. The goal was to achieve greater accuracy, reliability, and the ability to machine larger mold bases in-house. After evaluating several options, Dynamic chose Kitamura Machinery’s bridge-type machining centers, which offered the desired Y-axis table travel and a compact footprint. The new Kitamura machines provided 40% greater Y-axis travel while fitting within the same space as previous machines, enhancing Dynamic’s capacity to handle larger workpieces and multiple smaller blocks for unattended machining.

The Kitamura Advantage

Kitamura’s bridge machines are known for their durability, precision, and advanced engineering practices. Features like hand-scraped surfaces, Meehanite cast iron construction, and induction-hardened boxways ensure exceptional rigidity and vibration damping. The machines’ four-speed geared headstock, advanced thermal compensation, and high-resolution servo motors contribute to outstanding accuracy and surface finishes.

Enhanced Productivity

Dynamic’s new Kitamura machines, equipped with #40 taper spindles running at 20,000 rpm, larger tool changers, and through-spindle coolant, have significantly increased production efficiency. These machines allow for more unattended hours, reducing the need for outsourcing and enabling the machining of larger or multiple workpieces simultaneously.

Embracing New Technology

Dynamic’s team adapted quickly to Kitamura’s Arumatik-Mi control system, which offers intuitive touch-screen operation, ergonomic design, and advanced features like 2-micron accuracy and 8,190 blocks of look-ahead capabilities. The new system complements the shop’s existing FANUC controllers, ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced machining capabilities.


Dynamic Tool Corp. continues to lead the industry with its commitment to precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The recent expansion and technological upgrades position the company to meet the evolving needs of its diverse clientele, ensuring continued growth and success in the competitive moldmaking market.

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