Danobat Unveils Cutting-Edge Facility in Elgoibar: A Bold Step Towards Global Dominance

Today, Danobat, the Basque machine-tool manufacturer, celebrated the grand opening of its expansive 12,000 square meter industrial plant in Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa. Supported by a 20 million euro investment from the Basque Government, this milestone marks the first phase of Danobat’s ambitious growth strategy, coinciding with the cooperative’s 70th anniversary.

Aligned with Danobatgroup’s investment plan, which includes commitments from Soraluce and Goimek cooperatives, this new facility positions Danobat for unprecedented growth. With a focus on advanced manufacturing solutions and relentless innovation, Danobat is expanding its foothold in key regions like Central Europe, China, and North America.

Xabier Alzaga, CEO of Danobat, shared his vision for the future during the inauguration, aiming for a turnover of 200 million euros by 2024. This growth trajectory solidifies Danobat’s position as a leader in precision solutions, with plans to diversify their technological offerings and enhance environmental sustainability.

The newly inaugurated pavilion boasts state-of-the-art features, including premium air conditioning and flooring conducive to high-precision assembly. Moreover, the installation of photovoltaic panels underscores Danobat’s commitment to sustainability, aiming to generate one-third of the facility’s energy consumption.

Attended by notable dignitaries such as acting Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu and representatives from various governmental bodies and Mondragon Corporation, the event concluded with a tour of the cutting-edge plant.

Danobat’s investment not only reinforces its commitment to local growth but also strengthens its global competitiveness. With approximately 700 employees worldwide, including 410 in the Basque Country, Danobat is poised to thrive in Central Europe, North America, and China.

Furthermore, Danobat’s strategic focus on technological diversification is evident through recent acquisitions and the launch of new product lines. With subsidiaries like Overbeck and Hembrug under its belt, Danobat continues to lead the charge in innovation, with plans to introduce flexible machines with precision robotic architecture by 2025.

As Danobat embarks on this journey of expansion and innovation, it remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, community welfare, and technological excellence, paving the way for a future of growth and prosperity.

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