Cosentino Announces The Construction Of Its First Manufacturing Facility In The United States

Cosentino Group, a Spanish manufacturer of unique surface materials for architecture and building design, said today that it will develop a new manufacturing facility in Florida to better support its rapidly increasing North American market. The new production facility is Cosentino’s first in the United States and just its second outside of Spain.

The company, headquartered in Almeria, Spain, employs almost 6,000 people and serves 129 markets worldwide. Its 2022 sales were more than $1.8 billion (€1.7 billion), up 22% from 2021, while EBITDA climbed 13% to more than $343 million (€312 million) and net profit increased by the same amount to more than $128 million (€117 million).

When Francisco, Eduardo, and José Cosentino took over their father’s stone company in Almeria in 1980, they formed Cosentino. Francisco came up with the notion of employing stone debris to create whole new surfaces in the late 1980s. Despite his efforts landing him in bankruptcy not once, but twice, he persisted and eventually developed Silestone, his first breakthrough product, in 1991. Cosentino was founded in the passing down of the original firm from father to son, and it is still a family-owned company today.

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