CMZ Expands: New 22,000 m² Assembly Plant in Berriz to Boost Lathe Production

As predicted earlier this year, 2024 is shaping up to be a transformative year for CMZ with numerous projects and significant investments. A major highlight is the acquisition of a 22,000 m² site in Berriz (Vizcaya), where we will establish our eighth manufacturing plant. This new facility will focus on assembling our latest lathe model, currently under intensive development by our technical team. This expansion is part of our strategic effort to increase production capacity to 1,000 machines annually, with a medium-term goal of consistently producing 800 lathes per year.

New Assembly Plant in Berriz: Key Details

Located in the Aboro district of Berriz, this 22,000 m² site, formerly home to Mendiguren y Zarraua’s stamping and pressing plant, will be transformed into a state-of-the-art assembly plant tailored to our manufacturing needs. The facility will include offices and become CMZ’s new hub, equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Our Commitment to Quality Manufacturing

This new investment is the latest in a series of strategic moves aimed at enhancing our manufacturing capabilities. CMZ produces over 80% of our machine components in-house, allowing us to control the entire process and minimize costs. Our current facilities include:

Assembly Plant No. 1 and Headquarters (CMZ Zaldibar):
Built in 1960 and continually updated, this 5,500 m² air-conditioned plant houses our headquarters, technical support service, and assembles the TA and TTL series.

Seuner: Assembly Plant No. 2:
This 10,000 m² air-conditioned plant handles the assembly of our large lathes and the TTS series.

Neoprec: Small and Medium Parts Machining Plant:
An 8,000 m² facility designed as a clean room, ensuring stable temperatures for precision machining of components.

Precitor: Turning and Cylindrical Grinding Plant:
A 2,000 m² air-conditioned plant designed similarly to Neoprec, focusing on turning and grinding with stringent temperature control.

Cafisur: Industrial Boilermaking Plant:
Located in Cádiz, this 8,000 m² plant specializes in industrial boilermaking with a highly skilled team in an area with a strong naval tradition.

Mecaninor: Large Parts Machining Plant:
A 4,000 m² facility for machining large parts, featuring advanced grinding machines in temperature-controlled environments.

Meydi: Electrical Panel Assembly Plant:
Recently renovated, this 1,250 m² plant focuses on assembling electrical panels with an emphasis on natural light and a spacious work environment.

Expanding Our Global Reach

Our commercial network continues to grow internationally. Alongside subsidiaries in France, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Denmark, we maintain a robust distributor network across Europe. In 2024, we aim to strengthen our presence in Turkey and the United States, increasing machine deliveries to these markets.

The new Berriz plant marks a significant milestone in our journey towards achieving our ambitious production goals. This expansion, along with our existing facilities, positions us to meet growing demand and bring our high-quality machines to more customers worldwide.

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