CMA Machine Tools Unveils Advanced Automatic Screwing Machine for Precision Sheet Metal Work

CMA Machine Tools is set to showcase its latest innovation at the upcoming exhibition: a cutting-edge automatic screwing machine designed for precision handling of laser-cut sheet metal parts. Part of the CMA FTC CNC series, this machine excels in high-precision drilling, screwing, and countersinking, thanks to its advanced three-axis mobile head (X, Y, Z).

Key Features of the New Screwing Machine

Floating Head Technology

One of the standout features is the machine’s floating head, a proprietary system developed by CMA. This innovative head can absorb variations of up to 1mm in part positioning, preventing screw tap breakages and ensuring consistent precision.

Advanced Control System

The CMA FTC CNC is operated and programmed via a PC controller with CMA’s bespoke CNC software, TapCam. This user-friendly software can import 2D and 3D files, automatically converting them into ISO codes, which simplifies machine configuration and programming.

Versatile and Efficient Table Design

The machine’s table is equipped with Ø28 mm holes that provide robust anchor points for clamping systems and serve as reference points for establishing point zero. This feature facilitates quick transitions between different working parts, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.

Precision Movement and Construction

The machine’s head moves along hardened precision guidelines mounted directly on the body of the machine. The X and Y axis transitions utilize a helical rack and pinion system, while the Z axis movement is driven by a self-lubricating ball spindle, ensuring smooth and accurate operations.

CMA’s new screwing machine represents a significant advancement in the automation of sheet metal processing, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and reliability for industrial applications.

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